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When it comes time to setup, replace, and configure servers, networking equipment, wireless connections, device connectivity, and all the other nuts and bolts that go along with a computer network infrastructure, you want an IT company that has been there, done that. ProTechnical has the depth of experience to get it done quickly and done right the first time. Even if you are setting up a new location and need a new network designed from the bottom up, ProTechnical uses proven methodologies, industry standards, and best practices so that you end up with an efficient, reliable network at the lowest cost possible.

Systems Migration
Project Management

Office Moves
Network, Server, and Workstation, design and implementation


Most people wouldn’t start a road trip without a map or GPS. Consider this your map to your network. During an audit review, ProTechnical will provide:

Information Systems Documentation
Network Analysis

Recommendations for Industry Standards and Best Practices


Virtualization simply means running multiple Operating Systems (virtual servers) on a single physical host. This comes in handy when you need multiple servers, but don’t want the expense of multiple pieces of hardware. It is a way to greatly reduce hardware cost and increase efficiency. ProTechnical can take a look at your network and see if and how you would benefit from virtualization.

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