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The PROactive Defense Against Ransomware

The PROactive Defense Against Ransomware

Computers are especially significant when it comes to their role in business.  The use of properly managed and maintained computers in the workplace provide greater efficiencies and increased productivity.  There are greater interactions between employees, agencies, clients, and customers through the use of computers and their constant connectivity to the Internet. People use their computers for a variety of functions on a daily basis, surfing, emailing, attending webinars and more all without fear that something could be lurking in the background.

While all of these advantages are beneficial, what could be the downside?  What if a vicious form of malware – like CryptoLocker – infected your computer, locked all your files, and then extorted you for a ransom to get YOUR files back? 

In one of our previous blogs, “Ransomware: A Hated Malware with an Intriguing Past,” we talked about CryptoLocker and its malevolent process of encrypting your files and holding them for ransom.  The computer was invented to make tasks easier for people, but that didn’t stop criminals from taking advantage of this newfound innovation and creating malicious software – only to disrupt your privacy, steal your identity, and/or extort you for money.  The constant usage of the internet has increased the risk of infection by viruses and malware, leading to potential data loss and identity theft.

To have even the slightest fighting chance against today’s rampant security threats, end-users must be informed and aware of the possible threats imposed.  Fortunately, there are preemptive and proactive measures that can be taken in order to avoid catching a case of malware like CryptoLocker.

Beware of Social Engineering!

Social engineering is a term for psychologically manipulating others into performing actions or disclosing confidential information.  Social engineering exploits rely on the hopes of taking advantage of inattentive and trusting people; the cloak of “invisibility” the internet provides certainly doesn’t help when determining what and who to trust.

PROactively Defend Yourself

  • Install quality anti-malware and always keep the application current
  • Be particularly wary of emails from senders you don’t know, especially emails with attached files
  • Do not open attached files if you do not recognize the sender. Forward the email to your IT person for review when in doubt.
  • Surf smart and watch what you’re clicking on
  • Always have a backup system in place for critical files to help mitigate any potential damage that can be caused

At ProTechnical we take pride in our ability and preparedness for any situation that will affect your company’s productivity.  Malware is here to stay and we must all learn to take precautions to keep systems from being exposed and vulnerable.  To find out how we can ensure your network and infrastructure remains free of malware and functions as designed, call us today at 844.784.3330.