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Boost Productivity And Accountability With Employee Monitoring

Boost Productivity And Accountability With Employee Monitoring

Not everyone has the same motivation and drive when they’re working from home, or unsupervised in the office. Controlio helps you promote a productive and accountable work culture through employee monitoring. 

Modern business technology is a double-edged sword.

Although the Internet and modern IT have created many opportunities to save time, the opposite is also true. Access to the Internet offers a range of potential distractions for your staff. Although it’s not often necessary to monitor employee behavior, it’s a good option to have, especially today when staff are likely to be working remotely.

Do you need a way to track employee productivity, and hold them accountable to how they spend their work hours?

Introducing Controlio – Robust Employee Monitoring

Controlio employee monitoring is a great option for businesses that want to cultivate a productive workplace environment.

Controlio makes sure that:

  • Dangerous and/or inappropriate content is blocked, and in turn, unable to be accessed during the workday.
  • Bandwidth usage can be monitored and tracked, and in turn, optimized accordingly to ensure high speeds and greater performance.
  • Potentially malicious employees are held accountable through continuous screen recording
  • Compliance is simplified as access to sensitive information and/or files is tracked and logged for future reference.
  • Workflows can be improved as you gain insight into what’s taking too long and what should be automated to improve efficiency.

At its simplest, Controlio is an effective way to promote an efficient and effective workplace culture. If you want to know more about Controlio, get in touch with our team today.