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Rick Thomas founded the ProTechnical at the end of 2008 during one of the worst economic turndowns since the great depression.  Thomas’ vision was to build an IT service company that would be second to none in both service offerings and staffing.  Several years later his vision has become a reality and the company continues to thrive from its humble beginnings in a garage to offices in Nevada, Oregon and California.

ProTechnical offers the highest quality of services with 100% stateside technicians and engineers maintaining a wide array of technologies within a diverse range of business markets.  ProTechnical has become a leading full service technology solutions provider and our team would be honored to become your trusted technology partner.

Not Long Ago

IT support companies profited when a client experienced issues.  As a result, there wasn’t much incentive to ensure trouble-free operations at the client site.  Leveraging a combination of on-premise and cloud based technologies ProTechnical technicians and engineers correct this misalignment of services and accomplish multiple goals.

Our fixed cost support services don’t allow us to profit when you have problems.  Our Engineers use cutting edge technologies to proactively identify potential problems and address them before they cause downtime.

By offering our solutions on this fixed fee model, we are incentivized to ensure that you have trouble-free operations and minimal downtime, driving efficiency and most likely profitability in your company.

It’s not just about fixing computers anymore; Managed Services Providers (MSP) such as ProTechnical help clients understand and implement the technology systems that will drive their organization to be efficient, productive and hopefully very profitable.  We become more than just the “computer guy”.


Your company’s IT requirements will continue to evolve as your business does.  For some industries such as healthcare, evolution is rampant. Others may not be so intense, though rest assured evolution will most likely affect your business simply from the modern-day advancements being made in computing each year.

Remember when pagers were all the rage, what’s that a younger generation may ask?  The dawn of mobility is what that was!   Wherever your business may be in its IT lifecycle, our technicians and engineers will work diligently to make it all work as designed and expected.  At ProTechnical, our technicians and engineers take great responsibility for the IT infrastructures we manage leaving you and yours to do what you do best!

The continuous cycle of planning, implementation and supporting of your company’s technologies is successfully achieved through a strong relationship between your IT service provider and your organization.  We would be honored to become your IT service provider.

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